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Operation system: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
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License: Free to try
Version: v6.1
Downloads: 7673
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Who Uses This Software?

This way we can do some interesting things to our pdf documents without the need to open them… By 1984, the year it held an , MicroPro was the world’s largest software company with 23% of the word processor market. After renaming itself after its flagship product in 1989, WordStar International merged with in 1993.

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I have only used it in conjunction with QDA Miner, as we deal primarily with quantitative data. One such program is CtrlPlus by Yoji Hagiya, which remaps the standard PC keyboard, making many WordStar commands available in most Windows programs.

Most effective and user-friendly text-mining software ever used

Although WordStar 2000 was meant as the successor to WordStar, it never gained substantial market share. The help system could be configured to display help a short time after the first key of a command sequence was entered. The first client we used it with, a global leader in the retail industry, was blown away, they had never seen computer-assisted qualitative analysis of this kind (neither had we) – we won a 2-year contract right away thanks to this software. Get computer Explore relationships between unstructured text and structured data Explore relationships among words or extracted concepts using force-based graphs, multidimensional scaling or circular graphs. WordStar for Word also adds WordStar’s block commands, namely Ctrl+KB to mark the beginning of a block, Ctrl+KK to mark the end, and Ctrl+KV to move it.

Abandonment [ edit]

Is text analysis and text-mining software that can run from QDA Miner. As part of the ^K sequence of shortcuts, it offered true bookmarks (^K1 to ^K9) allowing the editor to move about in large documents with ease. Wrote in 1983 that MicroPro’s “motto often seems to be: ‘Ask Your Dealer'”, and in 1985 that Almost since its birth 4 years ago, MicroPro has had a seemingly unshakable reputation for three things: arrogant indifference to user feedback (“MicroPro’s classic response to questions about WordStar was, “Call your dealer”); possession of one of the more difficult-to-use word processors on the market; and possession of the most powerful word processor available. By late 1984 the company admitted, according to the magazine, that WordStar’s reputation for power was fading, and by early 1985 its sales had decreased for four quarters while those of Multimate and increased.

Filename extensions [ edit]

CP/M machines were readily available and Elbit needed something to differentiate their product from others. The unique walk-through process is simple to use and makes easy work of the hard parts of business planning.

Some features of WordStat 7[2] [ edit]

Efficient To-Do List is a cross-platform task manager. The product includes fast task management, interactive gantt, document… Advanced computer assistance to speed up the analysis process.

WordStar for Windows [ edit]

Our 24 All-Star characters span across 5 levels of difficulty to… If you wish to install XLSTAT on a new computer or update your license key, then follow├é tutorial to activate your license.