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Chinese-English Dictionaries

Traditional learning programs that use repetitive drills and silly matching games may be helpful for younger children, but learning experts agree that adults learn differently. Her personal suffering becomes an emblem of her society’s assaults on the dignity and integrity of the working class. ( . ) In the Depths of the Old Courtyard (2.1) – A prolific writer of modern sentimental romance novels, Qiong Yao is widely read among contemporary Chinese readers, particularly the younger generation. A number of resources designed to help you , including web-based applets and smartphone apps, have been created by the author of this site. Lao-tzu’s teaching forms the central canon of Taoist philosophy. ( . ) Declaration for Peace (1.9) – Yang Kui (1905-1985), a Taiwanese author and political activist, followed the footsteps of Lai Ho in carrying out non-violent resistance against the Japanese and, later, the authoritarian KMT rule through his writings. This excerpt from the script follows the ordeal of the boy’s family through the Rectification Campaign of the late 1950s. (. ) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2.5) – This blockbuster film directed by Ang Lee (2000) is a martial arts epic that tells the story of a martial artist whose fabled sword, the Green Destiny, is stolen by a mysterious masked woman, setting in motion a whirlwind tale of love, loyalty, sisterhood, and revenge.

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Chinese Reader is a powerful tool for understanding and learning Chinese. This list of rules exorting virtue and deploring vice was transcribed from a large sign posted outside the construction site of a new subway station in Beijing in 2007. ( . ) Family Names (4.0) – Because proper nouns are not capitalized in Chinese as they are in English, it can be difficult for beginners to distinguish people’s names from other words when reading Chinese newspapers, stories, and other documents. Created separate Preferences dialog, accessible under “Edit” Included option to automatically check for updates.

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If there are two red words, one of them may function like a participle in English, e.G., ƈ‘ ç»ƒä¹ å†™ä½œ 技能 (I practice writing skills), or belong to a sub-clause e.G. ƈ‘ 决定 ç»ƒä¹ æŠ€èƒ½ (I decide to practice skills) Verb-oriented reading skill is effective not only because verbs convey the major meaning in a sentence, but also in that verb vocabulary is much smaller than noun vocabulary, it is almost a close set. Even the effort to describe the Way renders an obstruction to the true meaning of this dynamic and abstract concept. Following the KMT government’s brutal suppression of the anti-government resistance movement in 1947, Yang published his famous essay “Declaration for Peace,” calling for reconciliation through the release of all prisoners of conscience and the renounciation of state-sponsored violence. If this happens to you, just rename it back to DimSum.Jar. But this way, one important feature of SmartCR will be lost (See point 3 below).

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When reading long text, they can disable machine translation. Optimal Chinese input, edit, learning and teaching environments. The platform now carries audiobooks from: Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, HarperCollins UK, Recorded Books, Tantor, and Highbridge. Its advantages can be boiled down into two points: 1. Have you ever tried to look up a Chinese word in a dictionary?

An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Rare Books in the CUHK Libraries

Wherever you go, you can just find a computer and insert the USB stick, and snap(!), You are ready to type Chinese! With skill and subtlety, Cao captures the personalities, emotions, and complex relationships of the inhabitants of upper-class Qing society. March 6, 2004: More definition display fixes, added toolbar icons for common operations, added traditional/simplified character conversion, added pop-up menu to use on selected text (right click for it on Windows), made open/saving file types clearer, fixed some file saving problems, still working on font issues, general bug fixes Feb 27, 2004: Users can now edit documents. She rapidly learns the Machiavellian rules of survival and supremacy that govern the frosty relationships among the women in a vicious game that can end only in tragedy. Share your definitions with others. : Chinese Medical-Scientific, Chinese Civil Engineering (CE) and Chinese Information Technology (IT).